Fire Pit Pavers Design Ideas

Paving Stone Fire Pits

Adding a paving stone fire pit to your outdoor living space will help to create a central hub for friends and family to hang out and spend time around. Tuscany Pavers has the expertise in design and paving stone installation to create the custom fire pit of your dreams! We will help you throughout the whole process, including checking in on local ordinances regarding firepits and supplying you with various design ideas. Here are some popular fire pit paver design ideas that may inspire you. Contact us today if you are ready to pull the trigger and have a paver stone firepit installed at your home!

1. Circle Paving Stone Fire Pit

This is a classic and clean design that you can’t go wrong with. We can design the fire pit paving stones to appear like they are very naturally coming out of your patio.

2. Paving Stone Fire Pit with Built-In Bench

How fun to have a built-in bench around your fire pit! This makes nestling up to the fire with all your friends and family very easy with enough space for everyone.

3. Rectangle/Square Paving Stone Fire Pit

A square paving stone fire pit is a great look for the outdoor living spaces of modern homes. Another classic and clean design that is very popular.

4. In-ground Paving Stone Fire Pit

An in-ground fire pit is a great option too! In-ground fire pits contain the fire underground, so it seems like the flames are coming from the earth.

5. Separate Area Paving Stone Fire Pit

Create a little oasis in your own backyard. We can design a paving stone walkway to your paving stone fire pit area where the family can gather to get warm and roast marshmallows!

A common question we are asked is “What kinds of surfaces can you install a pavers fire pit on?” Fire pits can be installed over stone pavers and turf, but should never be installed over grass.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to pavers designs for paving stone fire pits. Contact us today and we can help bring your outdoor living space to the next level.