Benefits of Paver Stone in San Diego

What are the benefits of paving stones?

Whether old-world charm or modern pizzazz, traditional paving stones add an artistic and beautiful touch to your outdoor living. Update your existing hardscape and enjoy the value of the following benefits of pavers:

  • Won't crack or break
  • Add beauty and curb appeal
  • Increase property value
  • Lifetime product guarantee
  • Dozens of colors and patterns
  • Custom design to complement your home
  • Price comparable to stamped concrete
  • Quick and efficient installation process

Cracked Asphalt

With the lowest cost, asphalt can be appealing, but it is very susceptible to temperature change which causes the product to expand, contract and soften. Also every few years, asphalt must be sealed to keep it from softening, which will add to the maintenance costs. In addition, asphalt does not have any design options.

Cracked Concrete

Traditional concrete is poured in a single, solid slab and is very susceptible to the earth's movement. Cracking can easily occur after an earthquake, growing tree roots and seasonal temperature changes, leaving you with cracks, lips and ledges that are unsightly and potentially unsafe. Since concrete is so permanent, repairing these cracks with unattractive fillers is an option, but ultimately the entire area must be replaced.

Cracked Stamped Concrete

Stamped/Colored Concrete is very similar in price to San Diego paving stones, but like traditional concrete, cracking will occur when the ground shifts. Colored concrete will also fade over time. In addition, stamped and colored concretes are impossible to match when repairing cracks or adding another area.

Paver Installation Process

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