How to Fix Loose Paving Stones

Fix Loose Paving Stones

It is important to know how to fix loose pavers because not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, but it can be a safety hazard. Tuscany Pavers discusses why the paving stones might have become loose and ways to go about fixing loose paving stones.

Why Are The Paving Stones Coming Loose?

Here are some potential reasons the pavers may become loose that you should be aware of. It will allow you to fix the issue properly.

1. There might be too much space between the pavers if spacers weren’t used during installation.
2. The base could have shifted and dislodged the pavers.
3. There might not be enough sand to keep the pavers in place.
4. Pavers wear around the edges over time, causing weird spacing.
5. They may have absorbed moisture and gotten damaged if they aren’t inclined and let water flow smoothly.

How to Fix Loose Pavers

Adding more sand will strengthen the base and fix the loose pavers. Here’s the step-by-step on how to repair paving stones:

1. Pull out the loose paving stone and spread the sand out into a flat layer. Tamp it down so that it is even and solid, creating a strong base for the paver.
2. Place the paver back into the space and adjust the sand until all pavers are on the same level.
3. Gently tap the paving stone into place with a rubber mallet. Adjust the sand and tap until the paver is the appropriate level.

If you have any further questions on how to repair loose pavers, contact us today!